Meet Alex

Alex Whitt

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Hi, I’m Alex Whitt! Does selling your home sound like a hassle? It doesn’t have to be.

While working in real estate investment I recognized that there is a way to make it easier for home sellers to get better prices for their homes—and that wasn’t being offered by most agents out there.

I believe that selling your home should be painless—and profitable—and that’s why I started this company.

In my business, I don’t just take listings; I provide a business-minded, strategic approach to home sales. That means I use market research and data to price your property correctly from day one, and then implement marketing strategies that we’ve developed from our years of experience (plus some super-secret techniques) to make sure potential buyers hear about your listing.

In this competitive market, some real estate agents treat their clients like a number, not a person. I am committed to providing the same kind of personal service to every client I work with.

What We Stand For

Our Values

We Are On A Mission to Save Lancaster Homeowners More Money.

Until now, there was one way to buy and sell your home. Now, with us, you have multiple options — making your process easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable.


We believe you should never settle when it comes to selling or purchasing a home


Help all customers to find the perfect home of their dreams or sell their home at the best value. 

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We love helping people find the perfect home for their needs. If you are looking to sell, looking to buy or anywhere in between let’s schedule a call to talk through your specific needs.